Hello, everyone! I’m {kind of} sorry I fell off the grid for the last two weeks. My wonderful parents were in town, and it was certainly a whirlwind of activity.
Sooo, to make up for my lengthy absence, I’m going to introduce you to another awesome artist on this Tell About It Thursday. Her mouth-watering depictions of food are destined to grace my walls in the near future, and I just couldn’t wait any longer to gush about her art! Be sure to read all the way to the end to find out about her GIVEAWAY.
Allow me to snag your interest with this delicious illustration of strawberry shortcake. ;)

First, please introduce yourself and your shop.

My name is Kendyll Hillegas. I’m an artist and illustrator living in Boston, MA. Much of my work focuses on portrait-like depictions of food and everyday objects. I post new work and progress photos daily on my Tumblr and sell these works as prints via my Etsy shop.

How would you describe your illustration style?

I would say that my work has some elements of realism, pop art and even commercial art. At a fundamental level, it’s an appreciation of beauty in the ordinary, so it’s also highly personal and unapologetically sentimental.

How do you decide which new subject matter to feature next?

If I’m doing a personal piece, I usually just choose a subject that I find beautiful and interesting. Sometimes I’ll remember a story or experience first and them come up with the reference material. More often, I’ll see a particular food or object in the course of my day, and be inspired to use it as the subject for an illustration. In doing personal work, I also look for subjects that will allow me to practice skills that I want to improve, like color use and texture variation.

You say each piece has its story. Will you tell us the story behind one of your favorite items?
If you’ve been to my Tumblr, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of pie. I’ve drawn many different varieties and it continues to be one of my favorite foods to illustrate. Pie became my favorite dessert when I was in high school and on an epic quest to make the perfect pie. I was homeschooled, obsessed with Anne of Green Gables, and had a penchant for pursuing unattainable goals.

One weekend when I was 15 or so, a fellow homeschooler and pie-devotee spent the night. It was around the holidays, so there was a slice of leftover pumpkin pie in the fridge and we eagerly anticipated getting to have it for breakfast. The next morning, we took the pie from the fridge, set it on the counter and with bated breath proceeded to carefully transfer that final slice to a plate. Somehow, when the slice was midair between the pie dish and our plate, it slipped from the cake knife and landed crust down, on the floor with a dramatic splat. My friend and I looked at each other in quiet devastation, and then without a word as if it was the only appropriate thing to do, we dropped to our knees and began quickly eating the pie right off the floor.

That story has been told many times in our circle of friends. Over the years, it has elevated pumpkin pie to a symbol of friendship, spontaneity, silliness and determination
Do you do custom pieces? If so, what is the process like?

Yes, definitely. There are a couple different ways to initiate a custom piece:

1. If you would simply like to see an illustration of your favorite food and don’t need to own the original or use the illustration for commercial purposes, you can submit a photo reference via my Favorite Foods Project page. There are some rules and restrictions, so be sure to read the page thoroughly before submitting your photo.

2. If you want to own the actual, physical work, or if you want use the illustration for commercial purposes, you can commission a custom work by emailing me with a description of the piece you’d like created and the way you plan to use it. Once we’ve agreed on terms, I’ll create a proof to give you an idea of the composition and overall color placement. At this point, you’ll be able to give feedback and request changes. Once I’ve received your feedback, I’ll complete the illustration. Pricing is variable and depends upon complexity of the subject, and the way the work will be used.


Isn't she talented? If you're like me and could salivate over her illustrations all day, every day, you'll really want to hear about the GIVEAWAY she has going right now. Here's what Kendyll has to say about it:
Lindsey of the beautiful blog, Lost and Fawned has been kind enough to host a Fall giveaway for me. There’ll be three winners chosen on October 12. You can find more info and enter the giveaway here.

Take note that the giveaway ends in just a couple days, so get your entries in right away.
And finally, if you're a social media butterfly, you can also find Kendyll in the following places:

Instagram @kendylln

Facebook @kendyllmadeit

Twitter @kendyllhillegas

Thank you for giving us an inside peek at the humor and warmth behind your gorgeous creations, Kendyll. And guys, trust me— if there is a foodie person on your Christmas list, you really need to check out her Etsy shop!


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Thank you for participating in my first giveaway! You all made it a lovely turnout and provided a lot of great feedback. The winner of the grand opening giveaway is Bethany N.

If you like giveaways, bookmark my site and make it a habit to drop by because I'll be making them a regular occurance. Also, for shipping by Christmas, you have a mere 2.5 months to do your online shopping. I'd be delighted to work with you to make a custom order for that lady on your list who already has everything.

Have an awesome weekend and

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Yay! Welcome to my blog. I'm Lauren, creator of vibrant lace jewelry at Standy Uppy Hugs. I love sharing ideas, talking about color and just enjoying life. Standy Uppy Hugs is a fledgling store and website, but I'm working hard to increase my inventory and content, so you're here at an exciting time! I hope you'll pour yourself a glass of apple cider, and make yourself at home.

Now that introductions are out of the way, here are the details of what you're really here to see. ;)

I'm giving away two sets of handmade painted lace earrings. One is gorgeous Peacock Green with seafoam green glass beads, and the other pair is a luscious Blood Orange with chocolate Swarovski glass pearls. Whether you keep them for yourself or give them away as gifts, they'll definitely add a little burst of color to anyone's autumn wardrobe.

They're both on the smaller end of what I offer in my store. If you'd like to see specific details of each item such as weight or length click the photos below and it'll take you to matching earrings that I have listed in my store. But you don't have to *buy* the ones in the store just yet! 



Check out the different entry options below! Since this is my first giveaway, be sure to let me know right away if you see any glitches.
This is a worldwide contest, and I'm really looking forward to meeting some new friends and getting your feedback on what you would like to see both on this website and in my Etsy store.


Stay colorful!


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Welcome to the first Tell About It Thursday where I feature the work of different artists. Today we get to talk with Jensine, a traditional, yet whimsical illustrator.

Please introduce yourself and your shop!

Well hello, Blogosphere! My name is Jensine Williams, and I’m from Illinois – the land of cornfields and Lincoln and stuff. I’m a professionally unconventional Illustrator and Writer (in that order) who owns a small, commission-based illustration business called Cooties and Coffee. In this little business, I get to connect with lots of cool children’s book authors, art enthusiasts, and folks with big ideas. So, what does a commission-based art business mean exactly? Well, it means I get to draw stuff. My process typically starts something like this: someone approaches me and says, “Hey. I’ve got this idea, and I need someone to draw it out for me. I like charcoal…” And Oh! How I love it!

I love doing commission work because clients almost always ask me to draw something I’ve never considered before. I get paid to learn and study new facets of art, anatomy, and a large array of subjects!

Can you describe your process for us?
So… where do I start? Initially, I try to fully understand my client’s vision – as much as you can try to understand what’s going on in someone else’s head that is! It’s important to know both your limitations as an artist – what you are and are not comfortable with – and the expectations of your client.

After I’ve touched base with them several times, I map out the artwork using soft pencil lines and rulers. Whether I’m painting with oils, watercolors, or india ink, drawing with colored pencils, or charcoal – I always start with those first two steps – it’s vital to know where the artwork is headed before you begin the “arting” part of the job. The rest is all… well, unconventional to say the least. Art has this way of just occurring.

There’s also the third, most important step of all: persevering. Every single piece of artwork hits a certain point in which “I don’t know exactly where this is going, and it looks really really bad”. That’s the moment when, as an artist, you have to stick with your intuition.

What qualities make your store unique?

I suppose there are two things that really set Cooties and Coffee apart from the rising trend in art shops. The first is that I never draw copyrighted anything. Everything is 100% original from me and my clients. Copyright infringement is both illegal and unnecessary. If you’re hoping to find “Hello Kitty”, “Dr. Who”, or “Disney”, I’m guess I’m kind of a little bit sorry to disappoint you… but not really. God created hundreds of thousands of things in this world, and I think it’s sad when we focus on such small, cliché ideas when the whole world is there to be studied!

The second is that Cooties and Coffee is almost exclusively traditional art – charcoal, graphite, chalk pastel, India ink – artwork that is tangible. It’s kind of like reading from a printed, bound, and used book instead of an e-book. Maybe, I’m just too nostalgic - or maybe there’s something to be said about artwork that can be touched. I’ll let you decide.

Anyway! Thanks for reading about my shop and my process! And thanks to Lauren from Standy Uppy Hugs for giving me this opportunity.

Keep it real, Blogosphere~

Thanks, Jensine. I love that your work allows creative thinkers (who aren't necessarily good at art) to end up holding in their hands a representation of their idea. That's powerful stuff.

Thank you for visiting, everyone, and don't forget that my fist giveaway opens tomorrow!

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We have fun events coming up in the next few days!
Tomorrow we have an awesome interview with Etsian artist Jensine of Cooties and Coffee.
And Friday is the opening of my first giveaway! If you just can't wait to find out what might be in the package, you can browse my Etsy store for a preview.


Thank you to spectrumtextures.com and The CoffeeShop Blog for the graphics I used to assemble this adorable image.

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It's a complicated and messy issue. I rarely take a lot of interest in sociopolitical debates like this, but the Internet is a pretty big part of both my job and my husband's. Plus, the government and telecom companies seem to have trouble getting things right on their own, let alone together. Etsy is pretty vocal about their point of view, which you can read here.

Etsy asked for artists to "craft their comment," so this is what I came up with.


This was also my first time trying to do a gradient on this motif and I love how it turned out. It's going to be fun to add more of these to my store!

Have a great Monday, everyone!


Happy Saturday!

It's time for a selfie. Here I'm wearing my bright yellow-green earrings in a custom color. Just because you don't see your perfect color in my shop doesn't mean I can't mix it up for you! And the chances are pretty good that it won't cost you a penny extra. Before starting work, I'll always let you know if your custom jewelry will cost more due to the expense of rare materials or a lot of extra work. So there is no worry of sticker shock after I create the perfect piece for you.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


Parts of my fall palette are in my Etsy store now! I'm having the worst time getting the champagne and teal tones to look right in my photos, so it might be a few more days before you see any of those for sale. But I'm taking baby steps in the right direction.

It was raining today, so how about the first of my demin blue earrings? Aren't those little Lapis Lazuli beads the cutest?

And don't forget to share your favorite yellow ochre jewelry with your friends so that we can support Quilts for Kids.


I'm really excited about my autumn line. Today I photographed dozens of new items. One of the colors I was most startled by was the understated champagne. When I made the decision to add it to the fall palette, I thought it was too bland to subdue my personal craving for color. But... once I saw several of the new styles of earrings, I decided that I wanted a pair of each for myself!

The color is even lovlier in person: slightly ivory with a subtle glimmer. I have a feeling that this color is going to be a staple in my store! Is there a specific color you'd really like to see?


Happy first day of September. I’m REALLY excited about implementing some new things for my Etsy store this month!

Today I’m going to let you in on the most exciting thing-- I’ve just been bursting to tell you! I’ve been working hard to develop my autumn color palette, and thinking about what charitable organizations I want to support in upcoming months.


It happened last week: I had just spent two days preparing several new lace motifs for my store. I knew I wanted to use the golden yellow ochre portion of my fall palette as a charity piece. But I had no idea what organization or cause I was going to support. As I was checking out various research and support groups, things suddenly began to fall into place. Here are the details of my first charity event!

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and the associated color is gold. It’s a perfect fit for my new earrings! So during September when you purchase any yellow ochre item from my store, 10% of the purchase price will be donated to charity.


Which charity you ask?

I chose to support a group called Quilts For Kids. It is a volunteer organization that creates quilts for sick children who are stuck in sterile, harsh hospitals. I was very touched by their story and photos because when I was 15, I had an emergency surgery to remove a large abdominal tumor. While the tumor was benign and I only spent a few days in the hospital, I vividly remember how comforting it was when my mom brought me a colorful quilt she had just recently completed. I am very excited to be able to share that kind of tangible reassurance with other hurting young people. Won’t you join me?   

Be watching for an influx of yellow ochre jewelry in my store and consider supporting this very special cause!


Hello, Everyone!

Welcome to the first installment of Selfie Saturdays.

I always love to see how different people put their own twist on their fashion purchases. That’s what Selfie Saturdays is going to celebrate!

Here’s how it works: Once you receive an item from my store, just take a self portrait while wearing your new purchase! Then email your selfie to me. Feel free to include a testimonial or some thoughts on your fashion inspiration, too. I’ll post your photo as a Selfie Saturday and give you 15% off your next order as a thank you for being my model!

For example, I made these lace confetti earrings especially to go with this bright blouse. I love the mix of melon colors! Also, I'm sure it was hilarious to watch me trying to take a selfie with my big DSLR camera!

Keep checking back and soon we'll get to see other ladies showing how they like to style their jewelry! Have a great weekend!


Ever have a gloomy day?

One of the best ways I’ve found to get myself out of a deep funk is to catalogue all of the things I have to be thankful for. I just keep writing them down and thinking up more until I get out of my pity party.

I have an on-going list in my notebook and have the rule that I can’t repeat any item on the list. Often, by the time I’m done reading through the several hundred items listed, I’m already remembering what a blessed life I live even without adding a single extra line.

While I still use my thankful list in my notebook as homework to get myself out of the doldrums, I now also have a thankful jar. I’m definitely not the first person to ever come up with this idea, but I love that it’s so easy to customize for different people.

Tutorial Tuesday: Customize Your Own Thankful Jar [brought to you by StandyUppyHugs.com]

You’ll need:

  • A pretty container to hold your completed thanksgivings
  • Some slips of paper to write on
  • A writing utensil
  • Maybe a container to hold your empty slips of paper  

Both of my pretty glass pieces came from Hobby Lobby on sale and also had the benefit of gift cards, but you can use mason jars, empty tin cans, baskets, boxes, birdhouses...be creative!

I’m a very visual person, so I love having a big clear jar to keep tabs on my growing reasons to be thankful. Just seeing it sitting in my living room reminds me to count my blessings. I also keep a pen and a little urn with empty paper slips next to it so that I can write down my thoughts right as my gratitude is overflowing.

If this is a new experience for you, try just coming up with 5 or 10 items. It’s sometimes easier and more worthwhile to make them very specific, like “My encouraging, hilarious mother” and “My generous, hard-working father” rather than “my family.” On particularly gloomy days, start with very basic things and be thankful that your hands work, or that you can breathe, or that you have clean drinking water.

You can also be creative about where you place your thankful jar. I decorated this one for my lovely mommy to have in her red and turquoise kitchen. There is a little shelf above her sink where I envisioned this being a cheerful reminder to her as she does the unloved task of washing dishes.

My thankful jar lives in my living room since that’s the area where most of my relaxation time is spent. Maybe your bedroom or dorm room could use a thankful jar. Maybe you should keep a little thankful box in your car’s glove compartment. If you decide to do this little project, leave a comment and let me know how yours is decorated and where you keep it!

Take the steps necessary to pursue a persistently thankful heart! I hope this easy project is just the thing to help you have a cheerful and creative day!

I Thessalonians 5:18


Hey everyone! It's time for a little how-to. Yay!

You may have noticed that the crafty blogosphere has been on a chalkboard kick. That's okay with me. I liked them before it was cool. ;)

In an effort to organize my "Craft Office" and my laundry sorter as well, I bought a stack of these cheapy little chalkboards. They're pretty low-quality; I knew that going in. They came with these silly golden string loops, which I also knew I was going to immediately rip out. Like so.


Next, I got out my trusty multi-temp hot glue gun and set it to low heat. I glued one end of a 9-inch ribbon to the chalkboard:


And then I hot glued a Velcro dot on top of the ribbon. My dots had an adhesive back, but I knew I was going to be moving them around a lot, and I wanted to make sure they really stuck.


Next, I hot glued another dot to the other end of the ribbon. You can't tell in the photo, but it's essential at this step to fold your ribbon, line up your Velcro dots and make sure that the fuzzy side and the toothy side are facing each other. It would be so annoying to get it wrong here!


I didn't want the sticky back that wasn't covered by ribbon to get all dirty and gummy and gross, so I just cut it off.


Since these little guys are definitely not slate or other beautiful legitimate chalkboard surfaces, I gave them an extra-thorough seasoning by rubbing chalk all over them,


and then rubbing that around (and, to some extent, off) with an old, non-linty T-shirt rag.


Here's the finished product doing its job, but now so easy to swap it out if I decide I need it elsewhere!



I'm Lauren. I love color and standy-uppy hugs. Here you'll find info about new products and sales in my Etsy shop, as well as DIY projects and recipes. It's my happy place, and I hope it cheers you, too.

I love working with other artists and bloggers!
Contact me at StandyUppyHugs@gmail.com

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I really love hugs. In my opinion, the very best kind of hug is the two-handed standy-uppy hug. It started as an inside joke with my family, and the name still makes me smile. It’s a completely intentional kind of hug that really shows someone you value them. How do you give one? Put down whatever is in your hands, mentally set aside whatever is on your mind, focus on the person you are going to hug, stand up and wrap them up in a big squeeze. It may not seem like a big deal, but taking 30 seconds to give someone a sincere hug can totally change their day.

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